Security First

Mother nature has always been ruthless, be it earthquakes, wild fires or floodings but what will not be forgotten will be the Covid 19 virus pandemic. This pandemic has brought markets to a new height of uncertainty almost to a breaking point.

The war between Russia and Ukraine caused much uncertainty throughout the world forcing even the powerful wealthy families at the top defenseless, scrambling to move to safer jurisdiction for fear of becoming the next collateral damage of the war. The seizing of assets of Russian no longer citizens of Russia has laid bare the tactic used by governments to capitalize on wars and struck a new kind of fear for all wealthy immigrants around the world that has left their mother country. With the rising cost of resources brought on by the war and the unstable economy with what is coming next, a recession is imminent and the strain of a flawed financial system breaking down is going to force many bankrupts.

China’s security law over the control HongKong has inevitably affect many coupled with the hard handed strong policy of China zero tolerance covid policy has pushed many to the edge as they relocate to a more secured jurisdiction, affecting not just HongKong or Taiwan but from China as well. With the current circumstances playing out Singapore stand out as a top favorite with its secure financial system and political stance.

Covid 19 pandemic had laid bare how each government fare in handling a crisis and there is much more to worry as the world economy heads into a recession amid the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine and a technological one between the US and China. A government response to stabilizing their economy is key and will be one of the main check box for foreign future investment. While the road ahead looks dim at the least this will be a good reality check to know and go where that is safer.

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